“A good balance of flavours.”

“Wok-fried mashed fish noodle with lobster in “Lao Gan Die” (godfather) sauce. No idea why it’s named that, but it sure tastes pretty damn good.”

“I think I may have found the best yam paste in Singapore.”

“The wok-fried carrot cake that’s tossed in their special homemade “Lao Gan Tie” (“Old Godfather”) chilli sauce is a must-try. It is truly fragrant and comforting. The “Lao Gan Die” sauce is a fried chilli sauce tossed with crispy mini whitebait. So addictive, if only they were sold in jars!”

There are a plethora of dim sum haunts in Singapore, but only a handful of places have excellent renditions of the bite-size treat. Royal Pavillion is one of them.

Come for the roasts — especially the royal smoked duck. It’s roasted till the skin is crisp, meat succulent, then gently smoked with lychee tea leaves and wood chips.

There is no doubt that the food at Royal Pavilion is elegant and expertly created, and the sort of classic mainland Cantonese fare that is hard to come by these days.

Royal Smoked Duck. Flavored with lychee tea leaves and smoked over chipped wood, plum paste also accompanies this signature dish on the side. Very tender with a roasted skin finish, this is definitely something you will want to try.