Our Set Menu

Royal 5-Course Set Lunch A
Royal 5-Course Set Lunch B
Special 6-Course Set Dinner
Available during lunch only ( Now - 30 Nov 2017)

Royal Dim Sum

- Steamed Pachyrhizus and Vegetable Dumpling
- Deep-Fried Crispy Prawn Roll

Royal Special Soup of The Day

Deluxe Combination
- BBQ Pork with Honey Sauce
- Chilled Celery Black Fungus and Lotus Root in Spicy Sauce

Braised Assorted Seafood and Fried Rice Cake
in Pumpkin Broth

Royal Speciality Dessert

$24.80++ Per Person
(Min. 2 Persons)
Available during lunch only ( Now - 30 Nov 2017)

Royal Dim Sum

- Steamed Leek and Shrimp Dumpling
- Deep-fried Shrimp in Beancurd Skin Roll

Double-Boiled Duck with Snow Pear Soup
Deluxe Combination
- Roasted Pork Belly
- Black Fungus Marinated in Garlic Vinaigrette

Wok-fried Mashed Fish Noodle with Prawn
in Superior Spicy Sauce

Royal Speciality Dessert

$24.80++ Per Person
(Min. 2 Persons)
Available during dinner only ( Now - 30 Nov 2017)

BBQ Pork with Honey Sauce Roasted Pork Belly
Yellow Ginger Chicken Roll with Spring Onion Sauce

Double-Boiled Apple and Dried Conpoy with
Chicken Soup

Pan-fried Fillet with Celery Sweet and Sour Sauce

Deep-fried Prawn with Seven Spices Powder

Braised Baby Abalone with Spicy Crispy Five
Grain Glutinous Rice

桂花紫薯燉銀耳 / 黑芝麻软糕
Double-Boiled Sweet Potato and White Fungus
in Osmanthus Flower
Deep Fried Black Sesame Rice Cake with Black Sugar

$68++ Per Person
(Min. 2 Persons)

Best Chinese Cantonese Cuisine

As one of the perfect places for modern Cantonese cuisine in Singapore, we provide a unique variety of culinary dishes for you to indulge in. Professional and refined, we offer a cozy atmosphere for your dining experience. Enjoy a wide selection of regional and modern Chinese cuisine prepared by our team of chefs. Our Cantonese dishes are presented with the best plating style and packed with robust flavours and innovative twists to make them enjoyable for diners.  The combination of classic Chinese cuisine, modern culinary trends and a unique style of preparation have made us one of the Cantonese restaurants in Singapore offering the best dining experience of both worlds.


Cantonese Food Menu in Singapore

Our restaurant, with its unique food menu, happens to be one of the favourite hangouts for businessmen, local and foreign foodies. Royal Pavilion is the preferred choice only for the taste of our food, but also the ambience and the service. The food creations are well-executed with traditional cooking techniques and a modern touch. Select tasty dishes from our menu or go for our exclusive set menus, which are carefully prepared for you. At the Royal Pavilion, we are committed to maintaining our quality of food to ensure customer satisfaction.