Best Cantonese Restaurant in Singapore

One of the top restaurants offering Cantonese food in Singapore, the Royal Pavilion offers mouth-watering cuisines, which include Royal Smoked Duck, Crispy Shredded Radish Pastry Roll and Steamed Vegetarian Crystal Dumpling among many others.

Amongst various sub-groups of Chinese foods, the Cantonese dishes are the most popular outside China. Cantonese Cuisine, which is alternatively known as Yue Cuisine, is the culinary style of Guangdong Province. This type of food is highly popular in Cantonese restaurants throughout the world.  We offer you all these delectable Cantonese dishes in our restaurant and bring together flavors from fresh & quality ingredients to ensure a perfect balance. Right from our classic Steamed Prawn Dumpling “Ha Kau” to the remarkable Sautéed Seafood Duo Skewer topped with Crab Roe, all of our dishes are the representatives of myriad Cantonese flavours.

Right Destination for Classic and Modern Cantonese Dishes

Royal Pavilion’s innovative menu offers you classic Cantonese food with a touch of modernity. Our modern Cantonese food has a healthy mix of cuisines from neighbouring countries, including Hong Kong, Malaysia, Japan and Singapore. Combining a range of ingredients and flavours from these influences, we provide exciting dishes, which would satisfy your taste buds.

Whether you seek a formal business luncheon with associates or a family gathering during the weekends, Royal Pavilion is the right place to visit. We assure you a stylish dining space with high-quality cuisines. Renowned for our top service standards, we offer you an exceptional dining experience.


Savour more than 80 refreshingly creative gastronomic delights and well-loved Cantonese classics that pay true tribute to the Cantonese’s love for hot soups, roasted poultry and their natural preference for fresh seafood due to the province’s coastal proximity to the South China Sea.


The Royal Pavilion must-haves include the nutritious Double-boiled Chicken Soup with Fish Maw and Macalan (S$25++), the next newly crowned signature is the Royal Smoked Duck (S$35++ for half-portion; S$68++ for full-portion), Sautéed Seafood Duo Skewer topped with Crab Roe (S$14++),The Wok-fried Mashed Fish Noodles with Lobster in “Lao Gan Tie” Sauce (S$28++) , the crowd-pleasers such as Carrot Cake with “Lao Gan Tie” Chilli Sauce (S$8.80++), Steamed Vegetarian Crystal Dumpling (S$4.80++), Steamed Prawn Dumpling “Ha Kau” (S$5.80++), Crispy Shredded Radish Pastry Roll (S$4.50++), to the light-and-tasty Steamed Diced Vegetables Dumpling (S$4.50++) and to die-for-desserts such as the smooth-as-cream Steamed Mashed Taro with Pumpkin Puree served in Young Coconut (S$8.50++) and the rich-in-antioxidant sweet treat is the Special Walnut Pastry (S$3.80++ per piece with a minimum order of 4).