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About Us

about-royalEmbrace and savour a unique brand of new-world Cantonese delicacies and classic dishes, served within a 5,000 square-foot contemporary dining venue with 142 seats and 6 private rooms. Royal Pavilion, located on the ground floor of Park Regis Singapore, is the ideal platform to present the modern and timeless Cantonese creations by a team of skillful culinary team.

The team translates all inspirations into more than 80 refreshingly creative gastronomic delights and well-loved classics to pay true tribute to the Cantonese’s love for hot soups, roasted poultry and their natural preference for fresh seafood due to the province’s coastal proximity to the South China Sea.


Recommended Dishes

Sautéed Seafood Duo Skewer topped with Crab Roe and Baked Fillet of Cod with Teriyaki Honey Sauce, and RP unique brand of Royal Smoked Duck with lychee wood.